This two-day course is focused on exploring the connection among the Depths at various ages.   How the Depths inform our state of being at key stages in our lives beginning with the 9-months creation in the womb.

There will be both lecture and hands-on practice time to deepen our experience of the Depths. 

During the two days we will be looking at:
How the Depths, in relationship to the six-pointed star, supports creation in the womb.
How the 9-months creation in the womb relates to our understanding of the energetic story of creation introduced in the 5-day Foundation Class. 
We will also explore possibilities for sessions for both parents and baby in the 9 months before and following birth. 
And looking at how the overall spiraling of the Depths may guide us during development of self through our life-span,
as well as the role of the ascending and descending energy of the twelve Organ Function energy enhancing our potential for growth and strength at key ages throughout our lives. 

There is a pre-requisite for this class of at least one 5-day Foundation/Basic Class

Class size is limited to six participants, so early registration is advised. To register for the class, please contact the class organizer.