Please do read the following before using the UK JSJ Practitioner Map.

Below is a link to a UK practitioner map.  The map is not a complete list of all Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners in the UK.  It only shows those who have requested to be included.

Some suggestions and requests about the use of this link:

The Map has been created as a service to our community.  It is not a marketing or advertising tool.  It is a useful way for each of us to see where there are other practitioners in the UK. 

               The list is not a recommendation.  It simply provides information about how to contact practitioners who have completed at least three 5-day basic/foundation seminars.

One of the great strengths and joys of Jin Sin Jyutsu has been to see it spread through person-to-person contact – word of mouth.  Our personal direct experience of the art can speak more eloquently than any other form of communication.  So, in selecting a practitioner –
                Please do contact at least three practitioners (even if they are not close by) and speak to each one to see where your own connection may be.

               The responsibility for selecting a practitioner is with you.  We would encourage you to listen within as you decide who you wish to contact. 

Not everyone is familiar with navigating maps, so do note that the map has a zoom facility.  You can then click on the marker to see the name and contact information.  The marker indicates the general location.  You will need to contact the practitioner for more detailed location information.